Midnite in a Perfect World

A pit stop in the mind of a 30 something black man in the city.

Build Your Team



About a week ago I was having drinks with a buddy of mine. After a few, we got onto the topic of friendships. For years, I’ve been hearing that I should always be increasing the quality of my friends. But personally I believe that leads to a pretty shallow life. Friendship is about loyalty and…

"Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is."

Albert Camus, The Rebel (via deaths-and-entrances)


A good friend made a fashion style commitment to strip down his look: white shirt, black tie, and trousers. Keeping it simple. That wasn’t the cool part, the cool part was the decision to do it. I love style, it’s not a bow tie or a fancy socks or accessories or tilting your hat a certain way or the shoes your wear or even the pants you wear. Style is the personal choice of being you. Once you choose that, rock that, and keep it movin’. You can’t “think” you have style, you have to KNOW you have style. The majority of fashion designers actually have a certain uniform they rock all the time. Multiple pairs of the same shoes, multiple versions of the same shirt, one clean jacket, one crisp pair of jeans. A personal uniform that everyone sees, knows, and almost expects. That’s pretty fresh, keeps things simple in the morning.

I still enjoy my different types of shirts and ties but I see and receive the message. What’s your uniform? And stop being lazy. lol


A good friend recommended “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business” and I am in all in! So far it has be evaluating my current patterns, habits, and observations about myself. The basic premise is that the majority of our “choices” are actually automatic habits we have developed to use less brain power. Some are good habits, driving, brushing our teeth, eating, and others bad, biting your nails, teeth grinding, drinking alcohol and say, porn. It’s interesting because when you look at some of your vices as habits as opposed to vices, then you really break down WHY we do these things. I am only 20% in but it is already making an impact on me. Keep you posted on the rest of the book.


Aw birthdays. I believe everyone should get their birthday off. One day out of the year where you do what ever the hell you want. Whether it is a big shindig with all your friends or a day solo to be in your thoughts and reflect. I turn 34 today. I took the day off. I am getting a massage, eating a good burger (and beer), sit in a cafe with some coffee and go create. Write, draw, work on a new mix. Just want to take some time out and create. Sure, I might get drinks later but today I really want to do me.

I don’t have too many traditions on my birthdays. One is to read my hometown local newspapers “If it’s your birthday” horoscope. Silly but fun. The other is to get go to a bar, get a pint alone, and toast to surviving another year on this crazy planet. Next year I’ll be at the age my 18 year old self thought I would be married with kids. What the hell did I know back then!? lol

"IF JANUARY 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: February and March are fabulous months, when your judgment is at its best and anything you really need will land on your doorstep. Launch your most important plans in late February for the best results and seek professional advice if you need help. Keep your nose to the grindstone and you will make headway in May by being organized and efficient. A little romance might develop that lightens your load. June is a great month to make plans for the future, but wait until late July or early August to put career, business or financial changes into motion."

"The greatest sign of an idle man is to complain of being busy."

Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton, Pelham  (via thetableoftruth)


I have been dancing for about 20 years. Say that with me, twenty years! Now you say, “Cam, dancing? You mean on a pole?” No, dum dum, hip-hop dancing. Specifically b-boying (breakdancing to the layman) and house but also know locking, popping, and bugaloo (as well as the basics of Vogue and waacking). Most of these terms mean nothing to you but in general it means I like dancing. I was in a dance company for a number of years in Ca which had me performing all over California and even on a AFC Championship game (with LL Cool J, random I know). Anyways, resume aside, I have been fortunate enough to learn and connect with a lot of interesting people and share the knowledge I’ve learned with others that are coming up. I am now an elder.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never won a battle (or dance-off as people horribly call it in the normal world) but I have taught in a studio setting (SF, NYC, Helsinki) and even participated in a b-boy talk about the scene. The underlining theme of most of my dancing has been to share. If it took me 6 months to learn a certain move, maybe I can help someone else learn it in an afternoon. Or breaking down the “dougie” in it’s simplest terms so people realize it’s actually the two-step with a little extra sauce called “soul”. TO me, that’s the fun stuff, sharing and contributing to the culture on a micro scale. I’ve seen people older than me and how they treat the younger generation and it’s pretty sad. Sometimes they create their own competition. Other times they belittle the new kids to think they can never out shine or out grow the master. And still other times some act like they are still 17 when they a grown ass adult at 40+, getting in “beefs”. I never will nor want to be like that. Someone took the time to teach me and I shall do the same; each one teach one.

Helping the “kids” aka early to mid 20somethings learn moves or styles keeps me young minded as well. Always a student and never a master. I think being a master of something is fresh but then again wouldn’t you get bored? I want to always learn new things or ways to move and/or interpret the music. However, it reminds me to have fun and not take this too serious. Your average person doesn’t experience a 1/4 of what we as dancers see and hear. Don’t take it for granted. And it also helps with the ladies, lol.

Charles Bukowski was the man

"If I tell you I’m good, you would probably think I’m boasting. If I tell you I’m no good, you know I’m lying."

Bruce Lee